FL-PR Stroke Registry Participants : Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of the hospitals?
Simply authorize the submission of your Get With The Guidelines Stroke data to include data collected as far back as 2006 by having the appropriate hospital personnel sign and return the attached addendum. Your hospital will then become a part of the FL PR Stroke Registry as you continue to use the AHA’s Get With The Guidelines Stroke program.

What are the data items to submit?
It is not necessary to collect any additional data elements beyond what you are currently abstracting. The current de-identified data elements that you are collecting and submitting to Get With The Guidelines will be transmitted to the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine once you join. The University of Miami (UM) will receive the transmitted data from Outcome Sciences and perform the aggregate data analyses. The data will be received in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

Who will have access to the hospital-specific data?
Hospital-level data will be evaluated for specific quality improvement assessment. However, these hospital-level data will be de-identified and used to address disparities in acute stroke care and secondary stroke prevention between different race and ethnic groups as well as between rural and urban populations. Only the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators at UM will have access to hospital-specific data.

*Once my organization agrees to participate, what if we want to discontinue participation? *
Moving forward, a hospital can remove themselves from active participation in the FL PR Stroke Registry at any time by simply sending a letter of intent to the University of Miami and Outcome Sciences.

Does participation in this registry meet CMS recommendations of registry participation?
Yes, the FL PR Stroke Registry would meet this recommendation and assist a participating facility to improve quality of care

Are the measures the same as CMS measures?
Yes, the measures are the same for CMS requirements.