Committees : Program Advisory Committee

Program Advisory Committee Description

The composition of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) includes the NINDS Scientific Program Director and other established investigators with expertise in stroke prevention, health disparities, biostatistics and hypertension clinical trials. The PAC will meet annually and will provide review of progress toward milestones and recommendations on which to base the next year’s activities. Specifically, the PAC will advise the Center Director and Executive Committee, composed of Project/Core Leaders, on:

  1. The conduct of all activities and general direction of the Center;
  2. Progress toward goals of the overall Center and the research projects;
  3. Progress of the Research Training/Education Program;
  4. Plans for dissemination;
  5. Key community stakeholders and organizations to involve in activities of the Center; and
  6. Major advances in the field, or scientific directions that should be considered.


Gregg C. Fonarow, MD

Chairman, Program Advisory Committee
University of California Los Angeles

Judith Lichtman, PhD, MPH

Member, Program Advisory Commitee
Yale School of Public Health

David B. Matchar, MD

Member, Program Advisory Commitee
Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School

Yuko Y. Palesch, PhD

Member, Program Advisory Commitee
Medical University of South Carolina

Salina P. Waddy, MD

Member, Program Advisory Commitee
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH/NINDS